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People placed their hopes and dreams on the backs of these wonderful machines, marching toward a better life just beyond their reach...When I had heard that Steambot Chronicles was coming to the PSP, I figured that it would be a traditional RPG similar to the PS2 offering. A massive paradigm shift is taking place with the introduction of new technologies.Historians are already calling this the "New Industrial Revolution," and the very fabric of society is being reshaped to take advantage of how the world now conducts itself.

Instead of bringing an RPG to the portable system, Atlus thought that an action game with some RPG elements would be a better fit.You start at Rank D, then move to Rank C, and so on.About the only thing that this mechanic does is prevent you from entering the Battle Tournament at a higher class too early.The windshield offers protection to the driver of the Trotmobile.The grill can reduce damage or even be used as an offensive weapon.

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