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Citing is easier with Easy and a little bit of knowledge!Read our guide to learn what MLA is and how to make properly formatted citations.The Lummi Youth Academy (LYA) is a 24 bed tribally licensed residential shelter for vulnerable, at-risk American Indian (AI) youth ages 12-18 on the Lummi Reservation.We were born out of the number of youth at risk of becoming homeless due to the drug epidemic on the reservation.Moving around has been a real challenge for me and my brothers.It seems like every time we get settled in we move.I like to utilize the homework room at Hillside Youth Center because there I can get my homework done because the staff and Ms.Mecka are really cool to talk about things with and she makes me comfortable.

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Teens should help lead more extra-curricular programs like sports, cooking and ROTC programs.For example, when I volunteered at the fish food bank we had to separate the donations and we had to do it as fast as we could because we had a lot to do so our group needed to communicate and work together.Community basedactivities have strengthened me in numerous ways.Visual guides are also included to help you locate information needed for citations. Our comprehensive guide will teach you how to format your paper and create accurate citations.There are also numerous citation examples to help you learn to cite nearly anything!

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