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The water was deep, but it wasn't a long drop to the sea.GM shouted for help and then swam off into the darkness while Fadi ran back to the island yelling for the staff to assist them.FYI had George not pull that hustler from the street's you would have never heard of him.Speaking of crazy, I wonder which version of alternative facts Krazy Kenny is looking to hold onto re his breakup with GM.Surely the estate will realise that there will be too many crazies wanting to worship St Michael at this time anyway, and may try to save themselves and the rest of the (sane) music-loving public from yet more mania at this time.[bold]'Powerful' George Michael biography to Harper Collins[bold]Harper Collins has acquired a biography of George Michael by author Sean Smith to publish in November.Harper Non Fiction editor Zoe Berville acquired world all-language rights to the book, George, from Gordon Wise at Curtis Brown.

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Frankly I cannot think of another celeb who left behind enough so many weird exes, former colleagues and would-be family members. And we all love a good soap.[R20] Interesting info. The Freedom docu and LWP re-release they said was in October, Amazon says Oct 20.R31, my ex works for Penguin and tries to win me back by spilling insider stuff.He swears me to secrecy but nobody cares about DL, so I'm leaving it here.The "powerful and poignant" tribute of a book will cover his introduction to the music scene singing "Young Guns (Go For It)" on Top of the Pops, his days as part of Wham!and solo career, selling more than 100 million records, as well as life "behind the glamour", now it is known he secretly gave away millions of pounds to worthy causes. A friend of George’s said to me, ‘He was a good man.

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