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Hassan is charged with first-degree arson.'Hassan said this was the same thing that happened in the "Muslim land" and nobody cares if they get hurt, so why not do this? The complaint, cited by Minneapolis Star Tribune, says Hassan told police her intent was to hurt people and to burn the Catholic university to the ground.

The teenager was also quoted as telling police and arson investigators: ‘You guys are lucky that I don’t know how to build a bomb because I would have done that.’ On Friday, Hassan appeared in Ramsey County District Court and was charged with a single count of first-degree arson, reported Pioneer Press. Officials say a sprinkler system prevented a dormitory fire from spreading to a day care center where 33 children and eight adults were present.

(Forty-First Rose) Over and over again throughout the work, De Montfort emphasizes how those devoted to the rosary overcome sin in their lives.

When one prays the rosary, De Montfort speaks of the efficacy of praying it in the state of grace or at the very least with the desire to give up mortal sin.

In this work, De Montfort lays the foundation for Marian consecration and many people to this day use his treatise in the preparation for total consecration to the Mother of God.

Perhaps less well known are two other works focusing on the mother of God from the hand of De Montfort: .

I’m always mesmerized by the stories De Montfort relates about the power and efficacy of the rosary. Donald Calloway’s soon to be released book on the rosary, De Montfort emphasizes the great through story telling by focusing principally on St. Additionally, De Montfort shares stories about the miraculous nature of the rosary, which offer compelling reasons to be devoted to Mary through rosary recitation.

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De Montfort’s greatest and well known contribution was his classic changed his life.

At times, the devil might even try to convince us that the rosary is useless.

These are the distractions that the devil employs to lead us away from the rosary because he knows that its devotees are no longer in his grasp.

In this book, De Montfort relates the significance of the rosary through fifty roses, divided into five decades focusing on the origin and meaning of the rosary, its prayers, mysteries, and marvelous effects.

The last decade provides insight into how to better pray the rosary.

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